Welcome to Great Lakes English Setters, Our kennel was founded with the goal of producing quality English Setters with drive and desire. In addition to intelligence and style, natural pointing instinct is the main ingredient expected from our breedings. Located in Northwest Indiana, we have access to pheasant, quail, and woodcock at managed game bird areas. We are a short drive away from some of the best ruffed grouse coverts in the national forests of Michigan. From aspen stands to the cedar swamps, mother nature has been generous to the wily old ruff and our pursuit.

Our foundation Setter, Grouse Champion, Cant Go Wrong a.k.a. Lucky gave me the confidence to compete in field trials. CGW was bred sparingly, producing multiple horseback champions, Walking, NSTRA, and Grouse trial contendor's. The year 2021, will mark a milestone never thought of two decades ago, 6 generations of bird dogs from our setter Can't Go Wrong. Line breeding has been our philosophy from the start. Throughout the years, breeding and producing hunting dogs with the attributes of a high caliber champ. Throughout the country, our Setters have proven themselves to be athletes. Spanning as far west to Washington for blue grouse and hungarian partridge. Making their way south on Texas quail, north to the prairies on sharptails, and east for ruffed grouse and woodcock. Dedicated to producing bird dogs with grit, hunting dogs with style, and field trial winners that never let down. We look forward to helping you pursue that special English Setter, that pup that keeps you on the edge, The one that Can't Go Wrong. Thank you, Great Lakes English Setters

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